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Learning innovation in the digital age

As the workplace changes, so must education and training. Exciting experiments are under way—but are they enough?
Learning innovation in the digital age

Five ways to unlock win–win value from IT-services sourcing relationships

– IT purchasers and providers can achieve win–win outcomes by altering their sourcing routines. Here’s how they can be more strategic... about the principles and practices they follow.

What it really takes to capture the value of APIs

– APIs are the connective tissue in today’s ecosystems. For companies who know how to implement them, they can cut costs,... improve efficiency, and help the bottom line.

Six ways CEOs can promote cybersecurity in the IoT age

– Billions of devices are being brought online as the Internet of Things develops, creating new vulnerabilities. Here’s how... leaders can regain control.

How a digital factory can transform company culture

– Companies are beginning to use digital factories as incubators of more agile ways of working, often filtering the best attributes... of the factory culture back to the larger organization.

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Digital McKinsey: Insights, Number 1

– The case for digital reinvention

Digital @ Scale: The Playbook You Need to Transform Your Company

– A new book by McKinsey authors offers a blueprint for reinventing the core of your business, with practical insights into three... key elements of digital transformations.

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The digital future of work: What will automation change?
July 2017 – Rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are making inroads in the workplace, with machines carrying out physical and cognitive activities. What will this mean for employment?

Turnaround artists: How companies can catch up to the digital revolution

– Latecomers can succeed at digitization if they take these five steps.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

When to shift your digital strategy into a higher gear

– There may be a premium for making early moves.

IT’s future value proposition

– Many executives expect IT will play a growing role in driving business results, according to a new survey. For that to happen,... CIOs must broaden their profiles and prove IT’s effectiveness in areas such as digital and innovation.

Harnessing scale to drive successful digital transformations

– Successful digitization calls for bold moves: scale and reinvention of the core.

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Issue - McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey Quarterly 2017 Number 3: Overview and full issue

– This issue of the Quarterly, available here as a PDF download, explores how digitization will shape global industries,... discusses how to make better decisions, provides an action plan for workplace automation, and suggests ways for companies to improve HR.

The road to artificial intelligence in mobility—smart moves required

– Is AI all hype? No. But automotive OEMs need to take five steps to overcome challenges and position themselves to succeed.

Digitization: The next stop for the apparel-sourcing caravan

– Stepping up digital efforts in purchasing could help apparel companies transform. A survey of sourcing executives highlights trends... and opportunities.

We are living in a digitally disrupted world

– Will the inundation of digital data power your business, or wash it away?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

When B2B buyers want to go digital—and when they don’t

– New research indicates where to focus digital investments so that they will reap rewards in online and face-to-face channels.

Regaining mobile’s grip on network connectivity

– While mobile operators struggle to tap into adjacent pools of value, they could be overlooking real threats to their core business.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

New evidence for the power of digital platforms

– Incumbents should go on the attack with their own online exchanges.

How to go agile enterprise-wide: An interview with Scott Richardson

– Successfully scaling agile starts with a strategy that’s consistent from the front lines to the C-suite.

The first 100 days as a chief data officer: Lessons on a transition

– In transitioning to the role of chief data officer, the first 100 days are crucial. So says Scott Richardson, CDO of Fannie Mae,... in this conversation with McKinsey’s Khushpreet Kaur.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

China’s digital economy: A leading global force

– China is already more digitized than many observers appreciate and has the potential to set the world’s digital frontier... in coming decades.

Reshaping ‘retail-tainment’ in the Middle East and beyond

– Alain Bejjani, CEO of conglomerate Majid Al Futtaim, shares his perspectives on retail’s future and on his own leadership journey.