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African banking after the crisis

– Here’s how African banks can manage the impact of COVID-19—and prepare for recovery.


Safeguarding Africa’s food systems through and beyond the crisis

– Here’s how governments and private-sector actors can respond to the impact of COVID-19 on African agriculture.

Reopening and reimagining Africa

– How the COVID-19 crisis can catalyze change across the continent.

Finding Africa’s path: Shaping bold solutions to save lives and livelihoods in the COVID-19 crisis

– The impact of COVID-19 in Africa could be devastating—unless governments, development institutions, and the private sector act with extraordinary speed and agility in the weeks ahead.

Tackling COVID-19 in Africa

– An unfolding health and economic crisis that demands bold action

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Africa

– Gender inequality in Africa remains high, and progress toward gender parity has stagnated. This is a large missed opportunity for African societies and for the continent’s growth prospects.

The future of work in South Africa: Digitisation, productivity and job creation

– Digitisation and automation could result in a net gain of up to 1.2 million jobs in South Africa by 2030, and companies need to move fast to capitalise on these opportunities.

How to bring solar power to the unelectrified world

– Solar home systems can help to bridge the electrification gap in developing countries—if certain conditions are met.

How to win in Africa

– The right strategy can unlock strong, profitable growth, explain the authors of Africa’s Business Revolution.

Applying artificial intelligence for social good

– AI is not a silver bullet, but it could help tackle some of the world’s most challenging social problems.

Women and the future of work: A window of opportunity in Western Europe?

– Profound transformations across labor markets in Western Europe will present important new opportunities to improve gender parity in the workplace.

Africa’s overlooked business revolution

– Global business leaders who misunderstand Africa run the risk of missing out on one of the 21st century’s great growth opportunities.
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McKinsey Quarterly

A McKinsey Quarterly tem vindo a explorar tópicos que ajudam a definir a agenda dos líderes de topo desde 1964.

McKinsey Global Institute

A nossa missão é ajudar os líderes dos sectores comercial, público e social a desenvolver um conhecimento... mais profundo sobre a evolução da economia global e fornecer um conjunto de dados que os possam ajudar a tomar decisões em temas importantes.

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