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Booster Workshops

Our Booster Workshops help high-performing managers move from “good to great” and prepare for senior leadership roles.
Booster Workshops
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They are designed to help high-performing managers develop what our research has identified as the small set of leadership skills closely correlated with leadership success. Each Booster is one day and we offer them both individually or in combination for a holistic learning experience.

The program works best for participants who actively pursue both personal and professional growth objectives. Participants will walk away with:

  • Fluency in results-oriented managerial and leadership skills
  • Deeper self-awareness and clarity of purpose
  • Mastery in managing one’s own energy and the reactions of others
  • Accountability for personal development
  • Ability to lead others through influence and inspiration

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Program details

We offer six workshops on leadership skills and one on self-awareness, typically including pre-reading. Trainers from a client’s organization may attend to ensure sustainable impact at scale. Optional full-length digital courses are available from McKinsey Academy on our immersive social learning platform.

Problem Solving

Apply state of the art problem solving techniques

Communicating for Impact

Present your ideas effectively including how to deliver structured, tailored communications

Executing with Excellence

Organize work, delegate tasks, and motivate and manage teams

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Handle difficult conversations and situations including performance feedback

Inspiring Others

Lead others through influence and inspiration

Leading Change

Understand the challenges to change and how to lead change at scale

Centered Leadership

Increase your self-awareness and personal mastery

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