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Commercial Diagnostic Suite by the Numbers


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Why does the Commercial Diagnostic Suite work?

Extensive data set

Our proprietary benchmarking database consists of productivity, cost, coverage, and organizational data from 200+ companies. Our metrics cover all marketing and sales capabilities across 170+ practices and outcomes, allowing companies to compare their most essential key performance indicators to the performance of their peers.

Industry expertise

Mckinsey’s global team of marketing and sales experts constantly test our methodology and validate each best practice based on real company performance. By taking advantage of the firm’s extensive expertise in operational benchmarking and transformation, the Commercial Diagnostic Suite provides accurate and robust diagnostics that can be applied across multiple geographies and industries.

Confidential and secure

Information companies provide about their sales and marketing performance and their survey responses are anonymized for privacy, and securely hosted by McKinsey to ensure security. Results to these assessments are reported at the aggregate level to protect employees and encourage candid answers.


Commercial Capability Assessment Tool (CCAT)