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Survey: French consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

As containment measures have been lifted, French consumers’ optimism has returned to March levels, though spending intent is still negative.

One-third of French consumers continues to report income loss and reduced spending. However, COVID-19’s direct effects on consumers’ lives are starting to reduce. Forty percent of consumers have returned to some out-of-home activities and intend to increase local travel and socializing in the next two weeks. Consumers who are not yet engaging with out-of-home activities are waiting for the approval of medical authorities, and they are prioritizing masks and barriers when choosing where to shop in-store.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in France from June 18–21, 2020. Check back for regular updates on French consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

About the author(s)

Pierre-Francois Bacquet is an associate partner in McKinsey’s Paris office, where Mélanie Gilavert is a consultant, Victor Fabius is a partner, Eric Hazan is a senior partner, and Christelle Hequet-Cotin is a specialist.

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