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From myth to math: Harnessing the halo effect of promotions

– How retailers can use advanced analytics to boost full-store performance with optimized promotions

From myth to math: Harnessing the halo effect of promotions

– How retailers can use advanced analytics to boost full-store performance with optimized promotions

Mastering the art of the 80 percent: How to drive sustainable B2B pricing excellence with data and analytics

– The path to value creation with data in B2B pricing is riddled with pitfalls. A lot of companies jump to technical solutions without... defining clear use cases first.

The customer insights function is ripe for a boost

– A new Periscope by McKinsey survey reveals a big gap between aspiration and reality

The time machine: Predicting future demand flows across large portfolios with unprecedented precision

– Our new approach to transferable demand flows does justice to the complexity of today’s portfolios and consumer decision journeys... by leveraging advanced analytics, entropic principles and machine learning.

What really matters in B2B dynamic pricing

– Companies that succeed at analytics-based pricing build a strong foundation—and include their salesforce in developing it right... from the start.

Deep learning: The next frontier in personalized banking

– Deep learning is a powerful new tool, but businesses are still learning how to get value from it. How can you benefit from deep-learning... techniques in the field of commercial personalization?

Stocking the infinite shelf − How top consumer goods companies gear up for the omnichannel world

– The future of commerce is not just stores and not just online, but a combination of the two. Learn how you can adapt your business... model to this new reality and view best practices from different stages of the value chain, from strategy to pricing, and in a wide range of categories, including food, furniture, and apparel.

How retailers are making quick advances in personalized marketing

– The majority of retailers see the need to deliver personalized marketing; more than nine in ten consider it a top strategic priority.... However, the path forward may not be as clear. Yet, marketing teams can unlock the value of personalization quickly by taking one small step at a time.

The treasure hunt: How consumer goods companies use data-driven consumer insights to uncover new growth

– Growth Mapping uses the power of insights to unlock sustainable growth for our consumer goods clients, both in new and existing... categories.

Prescriptive analytics put powerful recommendations into the category manager’s hands

– To keep up with the rapid changes of today’s omnichannel world, retailers are turning to prescriptive analytics to improve pricing,... promotions and assortment to drive revenue growth.

Marrying art and science to improve lifecycle pricing

– How can you manage retail price complexity multiplied by thousands of SKUs, hundreds of stores, and multiple channels? The world's... most innovative retailers are aligning their analytics, processes, and organizations to boost pricing excellence and profitability.
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