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McKinsey Design

Growth by Design

We spot opportunities in unmet customer needs, invent breakthrough concepts, and make organizations more innovative and agile.


Product Design

Our product design teams explore unmet consumer needs to inspire new breakthrough creations. We iterate and learn through rapid prototyping before delivering the product design, along with the commercial case, manufacturing plan, and the market-entry platform to support a successful product launch.

Experience Design

We design experiences that delight customers and drive top-line growth. Design thinking helps us empathize with customers at every step in their decision journey. We then reenvision how best to engage those customers and create new experiences, which we test and refine using agile methods. The impact is rapid and dramatic—on customer satisfaction, revenue growth, cost to serve, and employee engagement.

Service Design

A service includes multiple touchpoints with consumers—online and offline experiences as well as physical products. We reimagine services in order to create new economic value and meet customer needs in new ways. We anchor our work on human-centered design, developing integrated systems of touchpoints and interactions. We help bring innovative services to life by mapping the underlying experiential, technological, and operational requirements.

Why design matters

As a discipline, design is more than pleasing the eye. It’s the heart of a holistic approach to deeply understanding customers in order to better meet their needs. McKinsey Design combines rigorous analytics, inspired creative teams, and deep functional and industry expertise to deliver rapid growth for our clients and create value for their customers.


Our network of design studios brings clients ideas and influences from around the world.

Leading design firms joined McKinsey to deliver change that matters. To learn about the heritage that makes up McKinsey Design, visit their portfolios.


Since 1984 the LUNAR team has been designing and developing beautiful, ingenious, and charismatic products and experiences. At the core of this creativity is LUNAR's global, inspired, and diverse team of designers, engineers, and thinkers. LUNAR joined McKinsey Design in 2015.


Veryday has more than 45 years of design experience and serves a wide range of clients globally. Its designers have been granted more than 300 patents and won over 240 internationally recognized design awards, including the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year. Veryday joined McKinsey Design in 2016.


The business value of design

– How do the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts?

Fusing data and design to supercharge innovation—in products and processes

– While many organizations are investing in data and design capabilities, only those that tightly weave these disciplines together... will unlock their full benefits.
Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

Five Fifty: Midlife of design

– Design thinking is nearing its 50th birthday, but most companies have yet to realize its business value.

From lab to leader: How consumer companies can drive growth at scale with disruptive innovation

– In the era of “fast products” and digital disruption, delivering growth requires putting in place new predictive consumer-growth... capabilities, including innovation, based on speed, agility, and scale.

Designing a healthy future for medical devices

– Design is increasingly a business imperative, but medtech companies have been slow to embrace it. What benefits might a focus... on medical-device design bring, and how can companies get started?

Agile with a capital ‘A’: A guide to the principles and pitfalls of agile development

– Understanding the true principles of agile can give companies the ability to work quickly, boosting efficiency and product success,... and, ultimately, creating real, lasting value.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Cracks in the ridesharing market—and how to fill them

– For all of its remarkable growth, ridesharing is still far from ubiquitous. To boost miles traveled, the industry will need new... solutions, including smarter design.

Creating value through sustainable design

– Companies can promote sustainability by following good design practices to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions... for customers and users.

More than a feeling: Ten design practices to deliver business value

– As design thinking nears its 50th birthday, many companies still struggle to realize value from design. Those that succeed often... follow ten best practices.

How the auto industry is preparing for the car of the future

– Autonomous and electric cars, connectivity, and ridesharing are changing the way auto industry players think about value chains,... data analytics, and manufacturing.


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