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Product Development

We help clients improve across the full spectrum of product development activities, improving both processes and offerings.

Our fully cross-functional approach combined with deep knowledge and industry expertise helps clients build the capabilities they need for profitable growth.

What we do

Most often, we work directly on specific products, road maps, and portfolios, creating top-line value and institutionalizing capabilities to sustain best practices around a set of core concepts. Our services fit within two categories: product excellence, which includes services that help our clients to substantially improve their current and future product revenues and profitability, and development excellence, in which we help clients step up their development organization, capabilities, and processes to world class.

Product excellence

  • Product-portfolio management. Delivering a superior product portfolio and road map for our clients, including product lineup, launch windows, and target customer segmentation.
  • Design-to-value. Combining aggressive product-cost management (design-to-cost) with rigorous understanding of customer insights to deliver attractive product lines with the optimal level of market coverage, product margin, and reduced operational complexity.
  • Product complexity and modularity. Laying out a commercial and technical path to optimize the trade-off between scale of simplicity and tailored customer offering.
  • Product launch management. Technical launch planning and execution of a new product or service into the market.
  • New products and services (enabled by LUNAR). Helping clients create beautiful, ingenious products and services. Our acquisition of LUNAR, a leader in the field of design, enables our firm to bring design, engineering, and business thinking in a single powerful and holistic approach.

Development excellence

  • Product-development diagnostics and analytics. Diagnosing and improving our clients’ product-development efficiency and effectiveness, aided by advanced analytical tools such as Numetrics and QuantumBlack’s Nerve.
  • R&D portfolio management. Reshaping and increasing the value of R&D portfolios; developing technology road maps and installing management processes to align with corporate strategy and rebalance over time.
  • Development and engineering excellence. Making step changes in R&D productivity to shorten time to market, decrease development costs, and improve output quality.
  • Accelerating time to market. Enabling clients to reap early-mover price premiums and achieve higher market penetration.
  • Development risk management. Turning around troubled projects and mitigating risk in cases where deadlines have already been missed and successful project completion is threatened.
  • R&D capability building. Helping build the right long-term organizational footprint, structure, and capabilities for leadership in a global marketplace.


Florian Weig

Senior Partner, Munich

Bill Wiseman

Senior Partner, Asia Practice Leader, Seattle

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