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RTS is a special unit of McKinsey that delivers a proven approach for transformational change to clients seeking radical, rapid, and sustainable performance improvement.


Transformational Change

RTS works with clients to transform the performance, health, and capabilities of their organizations. We work only where the aspiration is a radical, sustainable step up in performance.

Corporate Restructuring and Turnarounds

RTS delivers rapid and dramatic performance improvement to companies facing significant operational and financial challenges, including liquidity and balance sheet issues.

200+ specialists

experienced in transformations

$100+ billion

of CFO-certified value creation

30+ industries

where RTS has delivered impact

69 countries

where RTS has been successfully deployed

Featured Videos

Resilience in transformation

“Transformation is obviously difficult, and it often involves a real acceleration in the metabolic rate of an organization.” Senior partner Jon Garcia explores how organizations and executives should think about resilience during a transformation.

Overcoming the odds in transformation

“About 70% of the time, efforts to fundamentally change the performance of an organization don’t work.” Senior partner Jon Garcia discusses how organizations can overcome obstacles to drive transformational change.

Featured Capability

RTS Academy

Building enterprise-wide capabilities to drive and sustain a step change in Organizational Health and Performance

Featured impact story

Recreational-services company manages and exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 9 months

A US provider of retail recreational services was in the midst of a crisis. Profitability had eroded significantly due to a combination of factors—a decline in consumer interest, along with a cutback in discretionary spending as a result of the economic downturn.

Featured Insights

Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

Disruption, friction, and change: The hallmarks of a true transformation

– A company transformation is a holistic, top-priority endeavor that requires aggressive focus from the management team to reach... the full potential of a business.

Keeping transformations on target

– Analysis of high-stakes transformations reveals a few pragmatic lessons that increase the odds of meeting the organization’s... objectives.

Why CFOs need a bigger role in business transformations

– CFO involvement can lead to better outcomes for organization-wide performance improvements.

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