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Why transformations fail: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

– Transformations can fail for a variety of reasons, but most unsuccessful efforts share some of these ten weaknesses.

Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations

– Transformation in government is a hugely complex undertaking. That makes it critical to get the people component right.

A tale of two agile paths: How a pair of operators set up their organizational transformations

– Different approaches illustrate the company and market conditions that guide the structure of teams around work, and the rapid... benefits that follow.

Leading agile transformation: The new capabilities leaders need to build 21st-century organizations

– To build and lead an agile organization, it’s crucial that senior leaders develop new mind-sets and capabilities to transform... themselves, their teams, and the organization.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The cornerstones of large-scale technology transformation

– A clear playbook is emerging for how to integrate and capitalize on advanced technologies—across an entire company, and... in any industry.

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Keys to a sustainable transformation: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

– Transformations must truly change the trajectory of the organization to thrive over the long run. Here are four essential steps... to ensuring lasting change.

A transformative experience for leading a transformation

– Giving senior leaders hands-on, digitally enhanced experience with lean management helps kick-start a transformation.
Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

Five Fifty: The T-word

– Is your corporate transformation doomed to failure? Here’s advice for beating the long odds of success.
Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

Disruption, friction, and change: The hallmarks of a true transformation

– A company transformation is a holistic, top-priority endeavor that requires aggressive focus from the management team to reach... the full potential of a business.

Keeping transformations on target

– Analysis of high-stakes transformations reveals a few pragmatic lessons that increase the odds of meeting the organization’s... objectives.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Transformation with a capital T

– Companies must be prepared to tear themselves away from routine thinking and behavior.

Turnaround artists: How companies can catch up to the digital revolution

– Latecomers can succeed at digitization if they take these five steps.

The role of the chief transformation officer

– The individual charged with leading change must have multiple capabilities.

Sustaining the momentum of a transformation

– Five elements can keep bad habits from reasserting themselves.

Setting aspirational targets

– Companies should bear in mind four principles during the target-setting part of the transformation process.

The ‘how’ of transformation

– In the consumer sector and in many other industries, transformation programs often fail. Creating a “performance infrastructure”... can help ensure that yours won’t.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How private-equity owners lean into turnarounds

– PE-backed companies outperform their public counterparts during periods of distress because the owners play a more active role... in management.

Can we talk? Five tips for communicating in turnarounds

– In tough times, investors scrutinize every detail. Here’s how to manage the discussion.

Maintaining a long-term view during turnarounds

– Changing course demands an intense focus on short-term performance, but success needn’t come at the expense of long-term... value.

In need of a retail turnaround? How to know and what to do

– More than 50 retailers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have been in distress since the global financial crisis, and many... are in distress today. Some are in denial about their situation; others are busy fixing the wrong problems.

Ten tips for leading companies out of crisis

– Even good managers can miss the early signs of distress, says McKinsey’s Doug Yakola, who’s been running recovery... programs for 20 years. The first step is to acknowledge there’s a problem.

How to mess up your agile transformation in seven easy (mis)steps

– The journey to become agile is challenging. But your organization can avoid some common pitfalls that we have seen companies encounter,... including failing to create buy-in around an aspiration and forgetting to put culture first.

Bringing agile to IT infrastructure: ING Netherlands’ agile transformation

– IT executives seldom associate agile with infrastructure. In this interview, the head of ING Netherlands’ IT infrastructure... function explains how his team carried out an agile transformation.

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