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Our Insights on Future Mobility

The impact of COVID-19 on future mobility solutions

April 2020 - As the global pandemic spreads, mobility players need to prepare for the new world ahead.

Coronavirus: Five strategies for industrial and automotive companies

– To rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, industrials must undertake a journey that begins with resolve and ends with fundamental... reform.

Transit investments in an age of uncertainty

– Here are some ways that cities and rail operators can shape the mobility system to incorporate new technologies.

Mastering automotive software-launch excellence

– Automotive players can crack the code on superior launch performance by reducing complexity and increasing robustness in embedded... software development.

ACES 2019 survey: Can established auto manufacturers meet customer expectations for ACES?

– Consumers believe that established automakers are well positioned to capitalize on ACES trends. Will they reach their full potential... in a challenging market?

The road ahead for e-mobility

– How can automakers captivate consumers and achieve mass-market electric-vehicle adoption?

Rethinking European automotive competitiveness: The R&D CEE opportunity

– Western European auto companies could look toward Central and Eastern Europe as a strategic solution to their current challenges... in their R&D functions—and to ensure their competitiveness.

The case for an end-to-end automotive-software platform

– Software is transforming car capabilities but also creating development challenges for automotive players. An end-to-end approach... that integrates independent software elements into a comprehensive platform can improve functionality and decrease complexity.

The future of mobility is at our doorstep

– What mattered in the automotive and mobility markets in 2019, and what will dominate the space in 2020? We look closer at the... autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared trends that matter.

The new realities of premium mobility

– Several trends are reshaping the premium-automotive market. New research lays out pragmatic actions that can help players craft... a winning strategy.

Micromobility: Industry progress, and a closer look at the case of Munich

– Shared micromobility continues to develop. What’s changed, and what can we learn from one city’s first 100 days with... e-scooters?

Reboost: A comprehensive view on the changing powertrain component market and how suppliers can succeed

– New research on the potential developments of 28 powertrain component markets suggests the shifts that are coming—and suppliers... should start preparing for them now.
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