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Anu Madgavkar

MGI Partner, Mumbai
Leads MGI teams based in India, working on global as well as India-focused research

About Anu

Anu Madgavkar is a partner with the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey’s business and economics research arm. Anu joined MGI in 2011 and leads teams based in India, working on global as well as India-focused research.

Anu’s recent research has focused on global labor markets and skills; gender economics; migration; economic development and poverty alleviation, and applying technology to solving development challenges. She has coauthored several MGI reports, including Poorer than their parents, The power of parity; People on the move: Global migration's impact and opportunity; India’s path from poverty to empowerment, India's tech opportunity: transforming work, empowering people, and India's economic geography: states, cities and clusters.

Previously, Anu was a partner of McKinsey based in Mumbai, where she co-led McKinsey’s Financial Institutions practice in India. She served a range of clients, including a top tier global bank, a dominant Indian state-owned bank, a leading Indian universal bank, a capital markets focused financial services group, and an infrastructure-focused financial institution, across diverse areas of portfolio mix, organization, and product-market strategy in wealth management, wholesale banking, institutional securities, retail brokerage, life insurance, and retail banking.

Anu also led McKinsey’s India research on infrastructure financing and coauthored Building India: Financing and investing in infrastructure and India Insurance 2012: Fortune Favours the Bold. She has authored several reports and white papers on India’s economic growth and financial sector development. She advises business and government leaders on economic development and frequently contributes to policy debates through articles and conference presentations. Currently she serves on the National Economic Growth and Investments Council of the Confederation of Industry in India.

Selected published work

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Radio interviews

"Economic Tectonics," BBC World Service, The Compass, March 2017

Past experience

Peregrine Capital
Equity analyst

Moody's (affiliated credit rating agency in India)
Credit analyst

ANZ Grindlays Bank, Mumbai
Foreign exchange dealer


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Bachelors degree, economics and statistics