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Industrial Technologies

We help the makers of industrial controls, drives, and motors keep pace with automation technology and navigate a fragmented value chain.

The demand for automation technology is growing as companies across industries look for ways to streamline and speed production and manufacturing. This creates a significant opportunity for the makers and service providers of manufacturing control and execution systems, electric motors and drives, sensors, regulators, and robotics. We help these companies capture market opportunities and address the challenges associated with increasingly complex automation systems, fragmented value chains, diverse customer requirements, and the growing emphasis on software.

From large conglomerates and multinationals to small product specialists and integrators, our Advanced Electronics Practice serves a range of companies. Our consultants have deep expertise in the manufacturing methods and requirements of discrete industries, such as automotive and assembly, as well as process industries, such as pulp and paper and bulk chemicals. We have a unique understanding of our clients’ customers, the industries in which they work, and the trends that shape those industries. Our experts also bring the latest thinking on automation technology to each client project.

We advise clients on growth strategy, organization and capability building, research and development and product architecture, design-to-value, supply chain, purchasing, and go-to-market strategies. Last, because software is increasingly important to our clients’ hardware, we serve clients on the topics of software amelioration and software capability building.

Recent example of our work

We helped a multinational client develop a smart IT strategy that combined the best of the client’s IT capabilities and infrastructure. By drawing on the perspectives of McKinsey experts from a variety of industries, the team assisted the client in exploring multiple options. The client has since launched a new business unit focused on providing smart IT solutions in a specific industry.

Featured Expert

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt

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