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Customer and Revenue Management

We help clients capture elusive growth and boost profits by building and embedding best practices in modern trade, fragmented trade, and revenue management.

Superior customer management helps our clients identify and capture growth opportunities, often in partnership with retailers. Leveraging our global footprint and our familiarity with all major consumer markets, we serve leading consumer goods companies on topics that include modern trade, fragmented trade, and revenue management.

What we do

Working with leading consumer goods companies across regions and sectors, we help build and embed best-practice customer management capabilities in three principal areas:

  • Modern trade. We help clients capture opportunities in modern trade topics that include channel and regional growth strategies, tailored key account management, in-store execution, and building a winning key account management organization. We do this through a deep understanding of global and regional customers and consumers, supported by a deep fact base of best practices collected through industry-wide benchmarking efforts globally.
  • Fragmented trade. Dealing with hundreds of thousands of small independent retailers and food service outlets in every major consumer market requires specific skills and approaches that differ significantly from those employed in modern trade. We work with clients to identify growth opportunities, both in developed and emerging markets. To derive sustained benefits from such opportunities, we help clients address specific challenges in direct-store-delivery environments as well as in distributor-driven environments. We empower clients to leverage technology to win in distributed environments, and we bring lean tools to optimize cost-to-serve in direct-store-delivery systems. Our tools are tailored to specific market conditions to create clear competitive advantages. Applications include route-to-market setup optimization, highly granular prioritization of microterritories, continuous sales-force effectiveness improvement, and excellence in distributor management.
  • Revenue management. To drive sustainable improvements in revenue management, we combine the experience of seasoned practitioners, our proprietary Periscope software, and state-of-the-art capability building in areas such as pricing, promotions, and assortment optimization. To help our clients develop superior pricing strategies, we leverage proven principles, basic beliefs, and a pricing strategy framework that jointly form McKinsey’s unique pricing philosophy. Our work in revenue management is supported by a set of sophisticated tools, advanced analytical approaches, and enterprise solution tools.

Featured capabilities

Customer Management Benchmarking survey (CMB)

Our CMB survey is conducted on a regular basis in the US and Europe. It enables us to identify winning customer management practices, and it provides participants with a fact base to focus their improvement and capability building efforts on those areas that promise the greatest impact.

Periscope Suite

Periscope’s suite of solutions support revenue growth management programs with:

Learn more on the Periscope site


Max Magni

Senior Partner, New Jersey

Ryan Murphy

Partner, Atlanta

Felix Poh

Partner, Shanghai

Stefan Rickert

Partner, Hamburg



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