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Corporate & Investment Banking

We help investment banking clients meet a wide range of strategic, organizational, and operational demands.

The corporate and investment banking industry is in a period of uncertainty and transition, with banks still searching for sustainable models in the context of intense regulatory activity and capital challenges. Our practice has a proven record of innovation and impact working with capital markets and investment banking institutions to define strategies and priorities for a new banking era.

We work with a diverse set of banking and nonbanking institutions, including universal banks, securities firms, national banks, exchanges, and information providers. Our work encompasses overall strategies for the wholesale business and for specific products, client segments and geographies; organizational issues; performance improvement; and mergers and alliances. We also undertake work on client issues in information technology, risk management, branding and customer relationship management.

Examples of our work

  • supporting a global universal bank with a review of its client coverage model, developing client action plans, metrics and scorecards and a new approach to customer segmentation
  • helping a global investment bank introduce lean management to IT, resulting in a 40 percent productivity improvement
  • supporting an international exchange group’s efforts to become leading player in derivatives trading, clearing, risk, liquidity, post-trade, and collateral management
  • partnering with a new industry player to analyze global equities trading revenue pools and design a new, highly electronic business model
  • working with a South Asian bank to develop a 3-year transformation blueprint in transaction banking, boosting growth aspirations and saving $100 million in costs

Featured capabilities

The Corporate and Investment Banking Practice publishes frequently on corporate and investment banking and conducts two annual benchmarking surveys.

For the most recent research from our Corporate and Investment Banking Practice, visit Our Insights page.


Kevin Buehler

Senior Partner, New York

Daniele Chiarella

Senior Partner, London

Helmut Heidegger

Senior Partner, Vienna

Roger Rudisuli

Senior Partner, Toronto



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