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Operations & Technology

We help financial services firms navigate operations and IT challenges from the back office to the front line.

In an era of rapid technological change, we offer a range of services to help financial services firms improve business performance, reduce operational risk and develop compelling value propositions for their customers. Our clients include leading banks, insurers, asset managers and payments players in all major markets. Our global network of practitioners and dedicated experts augment their work with a robust proprietary knowledge base comprised of research, benchmarks and tools.

We focus with clients on IT effectiveness and strategy; improving back-office performance; smart-sourcing; risk management; sales and marketing effectiveness; and large-scale program management. Our value proposition is concentrated on formulating solutions that create business value, both as architects of innovative solutions and as implementation co-managers.

Examples of our work

  • partnering with a leading Canadian broker market to identify profit-improvement opportunities in pricing, client profitability and segmentation, and broker productivity
  • working with property and casualty insurers to redesign overall IT strategy, organization and governance, infrastructure, and financial management
  • redesigning a wholesale bank’s back office redesign, including all operations functions
  • collaborating with a universal bank to consolidate all infrastructure spending
  • helping a global investment bank offshore its IT function
  • designing a shared services platform for a European wholesale bank

Featured capability

European Banking IT Benchmark. A quantitative and qualitative analysis of best practices across more than 70 European banks. For the most recent research from our Operations & Technology Practice, visit the Our Insights page.


Paul Jenkins

Senior Partner, Oslo

Allen Weinberg

Senior Partner, New York


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