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We help payments players capture opportunities in a fast-changing environment.

The evolution of the payments industry continues to be driven by changes in technology and customer behavior. We work with clients to help them keep pace and capture the opportunities inherent in this shifting landscape. Our network of more than 100 partners across the globe serve banks, credit card companies, transaction processors, payments cooperatives, technology firms, and non-banks on issues ranging from overall payments strategy and implications to retail payments services, cash management, and payments technology.

We bring a breadth of expertise to our work with clients, starting at the top with integrated cross-institution payments strategy and developing responses to the rapidly changing payments landscape. On the corporate payments side, our work covers small-business payments services, corporate cash management, and interbank payments services; in retail we support clients on issues with credit and debit cards, ATMs, retail demand-deposit-accounts, and mobile payments. Our work on processing, outsourcing, and infrastructure management covers card processing and acquiring, electronic funds transfer/automated clearing house processing, ATM driving and switching, and item processing.

The Payments Practice is a recognized leader on topics such as payments profitability, the Single Euro Payments Area and the cost of cash, credit card strategy and marketing, and cross-bank payments strategy.

Featured capability

McKinsey Global Payments Map. For two decades, McKinsey’s Global Payments Map has been the foremost resource available for tracking trends in payments revenues across the globe. For the most recent research from our Payments Practice, visit Our Insights page.


Philip E. Bruno

Partner, New York

Violet Chung

Partner, Hong Kong

Marie-Claude Nadeau

Partner, San Francisco

Carlos Trascasa

Senior Partner, Madrid



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