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Strategy & Corporate Finance

We help financial services firms worldwide define, build, and maintain winning strategies.

Our network of strategists works with banks, insurers, asset managers and payments companies to help define, build and maintain winning business portfolios, align actions with long-term objectives, and balance risks.

We work with clients on issues relevant to the enterprise-wide management of their business, such as growth, portfolio mix, business unit strategy, the impact of global trends and the management of government stakeholders. Our partners and experts are well-versed in both top-down strategic approaches and in the innovation needed to compete in a global economy marked by disruptive technology and emerging markets.

Our corporate finance experts are the pre-eminent independent advisers on finance and value creation. We work with chief financial officers on finance organization, portfolio strategy and major investment decisions; linking corporate strategy to capital markets performance; investor communications; ensuring that M&A and other transactions are consistent with overall strategy; and strategic due diligence reviews and integration planning.

Our experts partner with clients on corporate planning, providing perspective not only on immediate value and impact, but on long-term implications. We work closely with management and other advisers to leverage and complement their knowledge and ensure maximum impact, and actively support implementation and skill building.

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Kurt Strovink

Senior Partner, New York



The return of strategy: A road map to sustainable performance for capital markets and investment banking

– Capital markets and investment banking is in a period of profound and uncertain transition. As the industry emerges from the debris of the financial crisis much has been achieved, but a sustainable model of investment banking remains elusive.