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We help clients address critical strategic issues, from which markets to target to which enterprise capabilities will yield a sustainable competitive advantage.

We work with high-tech companies to identify where and, more importantly, how they should compete in a landscape marked by a series of critical challenges—uncertain revenue growth, broadening customer and supplier bases, potential regulatory intervention—as well as the ongoing needs to both reduce operational costs and increase company agility and productivity.

In business-unit strategy, we help companies identify specific growth opportunities in existing and emerging customer markets. Our consulting teams draw on deep industry experience as well as proprietary research, databases, and other tools to pinpoint markets with unmet needs or subpar service where a new entrant could succeed.

Our teams also help clients develop models and processes so business units can better collaborate and operate as part of the broader enterprise.

Who we are

The 250 partners who lead McKinsey's High Tech Practice have broad strategy experience in addition to specialized expertise in industry subsectors or organization functions and capabilities. Our strategy teams also draw on expertise and assets across the firm in areas such as corporate finance, marketing, and sales to provide high-tech organizations with comprehensive support.

Examples of our work

  • restructuring business portfolios to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and identify ways to maximize value creation
  • discovering ways to better leverage corporate or business-unit assets and capabilities for greater enterprise synergy and competitive impact
  • identifying the right mix of distinctive business, organizational, and technical capabilities needed to execute strategy effectively

Featured capabilities

We develop and occasionally publish many of our insights into winning strategies in high tech and, more generally, global business dynamic. A selection of our more recent knowledge development efforts include:

  • Global Forces research, which incorporates original research and insight from over 1000 executives to identify five forces (crucibles) that will restructure the global economy in the foreseeable future—and their implications for global companies
  • The Granularity of Growth, a book written by three McKinsey strategists who dissect how to identify the sources of growth in an era of hypercompetition and globalization to drive enduring company performance.
  • The Price Advantage, also authored by McKinsey specialists, is based upon in-depth research at hundreds of companies and details how pricing strategies can be a significant source of competitive advantage in some industries and sectors.

Featured insight


The science of organizational transformations

– New survey results find that the most effective transformation initiatives draw upon four key actions to change mind-sets and behaviors.