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Advertising Sales

We advise advertising sales organizations on how to refocus their strategy, clearly articulate their value proposition, and boost performance.

Our consultants help ad sales teams develop new strategies and approaches for a market characterized by significant shifts in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad-formats, and new entrants in the marketplace.

We find that clients are looking for assistance offering distinctive products, developing ways to accurately evaluate the return on investment from new media advertising, and finding better ways to meet the needs of advertisers.

What we do

  • Improving sales strategy: We help media companies improve the performance of their advertising products by improving their sales-force effectiveness, instituting better inventory management and smarter pricing, and ensuring that value propositions are clearly articulated.
  • Synchronizing go-to market approach with strategy: By partnering with ad sales teams, we help them rethink the lines of integration between their online and offline sales forces and better match their go-to-market strategy to their business model, their channels, and their customers' needs.
  • Adopting performance management for ad sales teams: We create a performance culture within ad sales organizations by helping managers focus on the essentials: identifying business needs, setting targets, measuring results, evaluating performance and rewarding individuals.
  • Optimizing sales support and operations: We help ad sales teams optimize the sales process and improve performance by analyzing pre- and post-sales customer support, customer lifecycle management data, and other performance metrics.

Examples of our work

  • helped a Latin American TV broadcaster refine its ad pricing across audience groups, resulting in a 30 percent increase in ad sales revenue within three months
  • redesigned the advertising sales operations of a multi-property cable network to take advantage of cross-network opportunities, increase focus on key accounts, and execute a more solutions-based sales approach
  • helped a global media company create and deliver cross-platform advertising packages targeted by customer research, resulting in a 10-15 percent increase in sales and greater advertiser satisfaction

Featured experts

Liz Hilton Segel

Senior Partner, New York

Adam Bird

Senior Partner, Munich

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