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Business Technology

We help our media and entertainment clients reduce IT spending by 10 to 25 percent, freeing up significant capital to invest in organizational or product improvements.

Media and entertainment businesses face challenges from the increasing pace of innovation in media production, the fragmentation of audiences, and rising marketing costs. We help companies make strategic use of technology and performance management systems to improve market and operating performance.

Our support also extends beyond IT strategy. We help clients optimize the service, skills, structure, and size of their internal IT teams and establish the service-oriented flexibility need to adapt to changing demands from advertisers, audiences, and alliance partners across media markets globally.

What we do

We offer a range of IT consulting services that help senior executives navigate the complex technology landscape and make fact-based, objective IT investment decisions. We help media and entertainment companies:

  • enable production innovation, shortening production timelines and enabling new digital business models
  • improve sales and marketing effectiveness by designing solutions and architectures that improve ad sales, B2B sales, and consumer/ audience development, as well as maximize the returns of CRM programs
  • increase the efficiency of business operations by designing IT solutions that improve the productivity of supply chain and business support functions
  • maximize the value delivered by IT by aligning companies’ application portfolios against business priorities and increasing the efficiency of IT activities

Examples of our work

  • assisted a global diversified media company in identifying savings of $70 million from IT cost reduction following a merger, with half the synergies achievable during the first year of implementation
  • redesigned a North American magazine publisher's IT function, including defining a new IT organizational structure, identifying opportunities to reduce IT costs by 25 percent, and creating retention and incentive packages for key employees
  • helped a US cable company combine the back office IT systems of similar business units, allowing the company to avoid purchases of new infrastructure and freeing up resources to focus on other strategic initiatives

Featured capabilities

Our investments in proprietary research and tools help media companies improve business technology performance. Examples include:

  • Horizon 360, offering a comprehensive benchmarking-to-implementation approach to reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer satisfaction in back-office and shared-service centers.
  • The CIO Survey and IT 2015, capturing insights from clients to understand trends in enterprise IT and forecast scenarios for IT spend in 2015.

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Featured expert

Jonathan Silver

Partner, New York

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