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Digital Media

We help develop digital media strategies that reach more customers and gain competitive advantage.

We help clients with the development of their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors. We help companies build a transformation roadmap to address the sometimes significant organizational and infrastructure challenges to becoming a digital leader.

We have dedicated digital media and digital marketing experts in more than 30 locations who offer clients comprehensive perspectives and hands-on support for a range of activities, including leveraging social media, conducting digital analytics, pursuing market research, and developing online strategies.

What we do

Digital media engagements frequently span several areas, including growth, capability building, ad sales improvement, brand extensions, operations, business technology, strategy, and organization.

We monitor global digital trends and work with our clients to help them rapidly respond to changing environments; we anticipate trends and help companies determine where, how, and when to compete.

Examples of our work

  • helped a sports league that was seeing widely variable performance across its portfolio of web sites and digital channels. A comparison of league practices to best digital practices identified improvement opportunities, which when implemented, doubled and tripled visitor traffic.
  • developed and implemented a successful online strategy refocusing a directory services company's digital efforts. After the launch of the new strategy, the team continued to help the company improve the performance of region-specific efforts.
  • developed a multiyear forecast of the growth in online video consumption to help a US multi-system cable provider refine its strategy, resulting in competitive outcomes and several potential acquisition candidates.

For more information about McKinsey's work in digital marketing, visit our Marketing & Sales Practice.

Featured expert

Adam Bird

Senior Partner, Munich

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