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We help improve creative and distribution processes to help media and entertainment firms reduce operational costs.

Many media and entertainment companies manage complex creative and distribution processes with substantial operational costs. We help clients apply effective, tested techniques such as process redesign and supply-chain rationalization to achieve significant operational performance improvements.

We help clients put in place lean systems for production, editorial processes, and business support functions that maintain quality and improve efficiency while delivering cost savings. Our consultants help facilitate the transition to new operating processes throughout the organization.

Examples of our work

  • redesigned the editorial workflow processes for a leading magazine publisher to capture efficiencies across titles and maximize editorial integration across products and platforms; resulted in 15 percent in cost savings.
  • worked with a leading North American professional sports league to design new organizational and incentive structures. Efforts included developing an enhanced RFP process to help the league renegotiate vendor contracts and conducting benchmarking across clubs to identify specific savings opportunities; indirect spend was reduced by 14 percent, with 60 percent of the anticipated savings captured within the first year.
  • helped an international public TV and radio broadcaster achieve a financial turnaround by capturing annual improvements of $40 to 50 million from increased subscription fees, reduced support costs, and increased use of production facilities.

Featured expert

Laura Corb

Senior Partner, New York

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