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Developing tomorrow’s leaders in life sciences

– In a sector undergoing unprecedented change, five muscles will define the successful leaders of the future.

What’s behind the pharmaceutical sector’s M&A push

– There are lessons for other industries in the way pharma companies use mergers to innovate, work more efficiently, and bolster... product portfolios.

R&D in the ‘age of agile’

– As innovation reshapes the pharma landscape, pharma companies will need to revisit their R&D operating models to thrive.

Change in the Japanese pharmaceutical market: Cradle of innovation or grave of corporate profits?

– Understanding structural shifts in the market can help pharma stakeholders innovate and, ultimately, deliver benefits for patients.

From product to customer experience: The new way to launch in pharma

– In increasingly crowded drug markets, a strong clinical profile is no longer enough to ensure a distinctive launch. To be successful,... pharma companies need to launch not only products but also experiences.

Special Collections

Biopharma Frontiers:
What the future holds for the industry

Industry leaders and key stakeholders offer perspectives to inspire discussion and constructive debate.

The pharma launchpad

Ideas for pharma and biotech looking to invest for launch success.

Spotlight on Japan

As the world’s second-largest pharma and medtech market, Japan has historically been an innovation center for the industry.... But amid an evolving healthcare landscape, this collection of articles and interviews looks at what opportunities and challenges executives at life-sciences companies need to address.

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Barriers to Digital@Scale: Shifting the focus from tech to culture

– Many pharma and medtech companies have a digital strategy. But to pull off a true digital transformation, it's crucial to focus... on culture and mindset, according to leaders who attended a recent European roundtable.

Data driven decisions in cancer care

– EMR- and biomarker-based diagnostics are now ubiquitous in oncology. But several factors hinder greater use of automation and... analytics-driven decisions. This paper examines these limitations and suggests solutions.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Shaking up the value chain

– Data and digitization are creating a growing array of value-creation choices in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, mining,... and energy.

Leading change in the Japanese pharma market: Innovating for the future in an uncertain present

– Jacques Nathan, president of Sanofi Japan, discusses what’s ahead for his changing sector.

How data is changing the pharma operations world

– Pharma companies have a great opportunity to turn a buzzword into exponential impact.

Bringing an animal health business into the fold

– Two senior Boehringer Ingelheim executives, Joachim Hasenmaier and Felix Gutsche, discuss the global pharmaceutical company’s... deal with Sanofi to acquire its animal health business.

Launches in oncology: The elements of success

– As the prevalence and severity of cancer has increased, the drug landscape has shifted. Oncology drug launches are increasingly... critical and require a dedicated approach. Here’s what it entails.

How new biomolecular platforms and digital technologies are changing R&D

– By going digital, biotech pioneers with promising biomolecular platforms are improving drug discovery and development—and... changing the pharmaceutical industry.

Real-world evidence: Driving a new drug-development paradigm in oncology

– The potential for real-world evidence is expanding, particularly in oncology drug development. To compete, some companies are... investing in robust real-world data and analytic capabilities.

Designing a healthy future for medical devices

– Design is increasingly a business imperative, but medtech companies have been slow to embrace it. What benefits might a focus... on medical-device design bring, and how can companies get started?

Five things to know about biosimilars right now

– In the biosimilars market, companies face declining prices and rising competition. What themes will shape the industry in coming... months, and how can players set themselves apart?
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