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How We Help Clients

Public & Social Sector

Improving the lives of citizens worldwide by helping solve the most pressing economic and social challenges

Public and social sector organizations are key to societal and economic progress and well being. We work with social sector and government organizations to deliver Change that Matters to citizens, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society. By combining a highly collaborative working model with insights from our globally recognized research centers, we provide an approach tailored to each client’s needs.
Our work spans multiple sectors and functions, including digital and analytics, operations, organization, and strategy. We work end-to-end—from diagnosis to delivery of lasting impact—together generating tangible results that are improving the lives of millions worldwide.

How we help clients

Cities & Infrastructure

Combine economic and social development experience with our financial modeling expertise to develop cities and infrastructure that are economically and socially sustainable.

Defense & Security

Help defense ministries, national security, and public safety organizations address their most pressing challenges.

Digital & Analytics

Leverage digital and analytics to improve the quality of life for citizens and to support companies and governments to be more productive.

Economic Development

Design and implement economic development, job creation, and economic growth strategies.


Deliver rapid and sustained gains in learning outcomes at all levels of education.

Global Public Health

Address urgent public health challenges and improving health outcomes.


Help foundations, individual philanthropists, and companies amplify their social impact and achieve systematic change.

Public Finance

Transform the financial management practices of ministries of finance and government agencies to create new opportunities and growth.


projects in the public and social sector


countries and 375 government agencies served


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McKinsey Center for Government

The McKinsey Center for Government is a new global hub for research, collaboration, and innovation in government performance.

Impact stories

Transforming a national housing agency

Supporting a government agency to improve its operational performance and morale.

Advancing childhood literacy in Brazil

Raising reading proficiency to 85 percent by balancing support and accountability for educators.

Boosting agricultural productivity in North Africa

Helping boost agricultural productivity, exports, and raise subsistence farmers out of poverty.

We’re committed to creating Change that Matters


How to rebuild and reimagine jobs amid the coronavirus crisis

– Public-, private-, and social-sector leaders are taking urgent steps to manage the fast-evolving crisis of jobs and work. But... there is room—and need—for greater focus, speed, boldness, and innovation.

COVID-19: Investing in black lives and livelihoods

– The unfolding public-health and possible economic disaster of the pandemic will disproportionately affect black Americans—unless... stakeholders respond immediately.

How to restart national economies during the coronavirus crisis

– By recognizing differences among regions and sectors, governments can get people back to work faster and safeguard our livelihoods.

We’re committed to creating Change that Matters

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