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We help retailers across all elements of the marketing mix create tangible value for shoppers based on actionable insights into consumer needs.

In more than 400 marketing and sales studies conducted over the past five years, we have helped clients make sense of the data they possess, derive meaningful insights, and develop marketing strategies that create both tangible shopper value and sustainable retail growth.

What we do

We help clients develop specific marketing approaches to drive value in their regions, categories, formats, and competitive environments. Depending on the challenge, our support may include the following:

  • Branding: We help develop relevant and distinctive brand strategies, for both store brands and private labels. Brands are retail's most powerful connection points, creating lasting bonds with customers, employees, and investors and driving higher sales and more stable profits. According to recent McKinsey analysis, strong brands outperform their peers by about 5 percentage points in terms of total return to shareholders over a 7-year period.
  • Media mix optimization: We help clients optimize and monitor media planning and buying. We bring tools like Reach-Cost-Quality (RCQ), Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), and Local Media Excellence (LoMEX) to provide fact-based decision support that boosts the return on investment (ROI) of marketing activities.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) management: We help clients retain customers and boost their value over time. Active CLV management unlocks each customer's full potential—through efficient acquisition, targeted upselling campaigns, and value-based loyalty reward programs.
  • Digital excellence: We help clients understand the mindset and the behavior of today's digital natives and carefully weigh potential changes to the marketing mix. We have the experience and the tools to help attain online marketing excellence, make the most of social media platforms, and actively manage digital ROI.
  • Customer insights: We help clients apply needs-based research and segmentation techniques that get to the real drivers of shopper behavior and identify the most promising target groups. Our experts work with client data to move from data mining to actionable insight.
  • Capability building: Our marketing consultants draw upon a range of enabling tools and training programs to help retailers bring out the best in their in-house marketing teams. We apply diagnostic tools for assessing retail marketing capability and conduct hands-on workshops covering topics such online retail and relationship management. We work with our clients to design marketing organizations and processes that support business objectives.

Featured experts

Brian Gregg

Senior Partner, San Francisco

Jesko Perrey

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf

Featured Capability


Improves return on sales through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management

Impact story

Boosting marketing return on investment

An analysis of the full range of a retailer’s marketing activities reveals opportunities to reduce the size of the overall budget by realigning the media mix.

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