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Electronic Materials

We work with clients to adapt their business and operating systems, pursue innovation, and capture value through strategic marketing and pricing.

The makers of electronic materials must navigate a number of challenges, including a capital-intensive industry in which R&D requirements are significant, and technology life cycles are brief. We can help.

Our Advanced Electronics Practice supports electronic device makers; silicon, wafer, glass, and other electronic materials providers; and subassembly and component suppliers of liquid-crystal display panels, LEDs, lithium-ion batteries, and solar cells and modules. Our global team of over 75 consultants combines deep technical knowledge with proven business expertise across the value chain. We advise clients on topics such as: operational benchmarking and performance improvement, energy efficiency and green manufacturing, innovation, market entry strategy, end-market demand, pricing, sales productivity and key account management, and organization and performance management.

Over the course of a client project, we work closely with experts in related practices, such as Semiconductors, Operations, and Corporate Finance. By collaborating with our Sustainability Practice on green manufacturing efforts, for example, we ensure clients bring cutting-edge facilities and equipment management practices to their factories. Likewise, by collaborating with our Consumer and Marketing practices, we develop fresh marketing and ingredient branding strategies to help clients capture the full value of their innovations.

Recent examples of our work

  • We supported an electronics manufacturer in developing a strategy to expand downstream into the service segment. This strategy helped to stabilize corporate revenue growth and increase the company’s importance with each of its major accounts.
  • A client with a factory in western China was struggling with poor performance, low productivity, and high turnover. We helped the client develop a re-organization plan, install new performance metrics, and improve the factory’s performance.

Featured Experts

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt

Bill Wiseman

Senior Partner, Seattle

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