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We help telecom operators and other telecom service providers transform their consumer businesses in both mobile and fixed-line sectors.

Traditional roles in the consumer technology value chain are blurring as the convergence of devices, software, services, and content becomes a reality. This largely consumer-focused momentum is setting a pace of innovation that is affecting both the consumer and enterprise sectors. McKinsey has seen many of these changes firsthand and has deep experience in helping incumbents and new entrants secure and expand their market positions.

The consumer group in our Telecommunications Practice works closely with the High Tech Practice to help companies identify and understand the technological innovations, market changes, and new business models emerging in the consumer space. Our insight into what drives performance in consumer services and technology is based upon our direct work with more than 75 percent of the global leading telcos as well as the majority of companies in the communications-technology industry.

McKinsey's expertise in consumer services and technologies is expansive and includes all subcategories and functions. We help clients build specific capabilities that improve their competitive position and operational performance. Some examples of what we do:

  • develop a digital life strategy for the consumer segment of telecom operators
  • define the portfolio strategy, roadmap, and organizational alignment required for a value-added services (VAS) provider
  • segment and profile mobile telecom consumers to offer targeted services and to reduce churn
  • conduct surveys and create pricing and differentiation strategies for monetizing mobile data
  • assess the implications of Internet usage in emerging markets and define new opportunities for telcos in those markets
  • develop business models to make customer experience a distinctive asset
  • restructure consumer product portfolios and help clients differentiate themselves in highly competitive and mature markets


Our 150 partners serving TMT clients around the globe have diverse expertise across the breadth of the consumer landscape. The leadership includes professionals who together bring decades of industry and functional experience in areas critical to consumer services, including strategy, operations, innovation and product development, and all aspects of marketing and sales.

Featured capabilities

McKinsey has a number of ongoing research initiatives targeted at companies in the consumer sector including:

  • iConsumer: This global annual research study quantifies and evaluates current and emerging consumer digital experiences across networks and devices. The research also focuses on behavior patterns by customer segment and revenue potential.
  • Wireless Panel: This is a survey of wireless users. The research probes attitudes, buying behavior, usage, satisfaction, and every stage of the customer life cycle. We have conducted surveys in North America and South America and are extending this to other regions.
  • The Consumer Decision Journey: This global survey of more than 15,000 consumers generates insights into how they research and purchase electronics, telco services, and wireless service products.

Featured experts

Jay Jubas

Senior Partner, Stamford

Richard Lee

Senior Partner, Seoul

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