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Corporate Finance

We help our clients make and execute informed, bold decisions in structuring their companies and portfolios to produce competitive advantage and lasting value.

Our group has two distinct but related specialties: transactions management and finance-organization improvement.

Using deep analytical expertise and proprietary tools and models, our teams in both specialties help telecom operators identify their true sources of value. We then use these findings to develop strategies to capture that value (such as mergers, divestitures and asset sales, and equity-based transactions), as well as to guide investments that enhance value.

Helping our clients discern their true sources of value allows them to align their organizations and shape their portfolios to better suit their unique competencies and to jettison offerings that can impede performance. Our work with telecom companies and private-equity firms extends to deal support beyond valuation and strategy to encompass all phases of due diligence and merger management.

Our Telecom Corporate Finance professionals also have extensive experience developing and managing postmerger integration teams as well as providing objective analysis to support client negotiations pre- and postclose.

In addition, we have helped many finance teams evaluate and realign their companies' capital structure to improve the utilization of resources, access the capital markets, and enhance liquidity.

Examples of our work

  • helped an Asian telco assess its strategic positioning in light of the merger of two competitors
  • supported European telcos in the auction of spectrum licenses
  • reviewed the strategic priorities of a European telco based on a capital market diagnosis
  • conducted due diligence for American private-equity firms

Featured capabilities

Our Corporate Finance team's contributions to advancing the science of valuation include several groundbreaking books and articles, most notably Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance, and its precursor, Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, which has sold more than 500,000 copies in 10 languages.

Our Telecom Corporate Finance team also develops unique tools such as the Enterprise Dynamic Industry Gameboard, which allows telecom operators that provide information and communication technology (ICT) services to map their position and those of their competitors to project probable changes at a client, industry, or segment level.

Featured experts

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf

John Tiefel

Senior Partner, Zurich

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