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We serve more than half of the world's largest telecommunications companies on B2B topics, drawing on proprietary tools and insights to help clients develop advanced processes, products, and services.

We help telecommunication companies to define their B2B strategy, focusing on both small and medium businesses (SMB) and large enterprises. Our teams help clients to transform their businesses to meet customer needs. We provide expertise on new growth opportunities, such as cloud services and enterprise mobility.

We serve clients across the B2B value chain. This broad perspective, along with our extensive proprietary research, allows us to help B2B-focused telcos develop advanced processes, products, and services.

Examples of our work

  • support information and communication technologies (ICT) transformation programs based on lean management principles
  • design strategies and organizations for small office home office (SoHo) and SMB, large enterprises, and multi-national corporations (MNC)
  • develop enterprise portfolio strategies
  • develop long-term transactional pricing capabilities
  • design B2B segment strategies and go-to-market plans
  • devise sales stimulation programs

Featured capabilities

Our investments in proprietary research and industry analysis support enterprise clients as they analyze new growth opportunities. For example, McKinsey has explored how telecom operators in developed and developing markets can secure a share of the fast-growing cloud-services or m-Health markets.

In addition to identifying and analyzing trends, much of our telecoms research focuses on top-line and bottom-line growth. For example:

  • Offering a superior customer experience is a key differentiator driving customer loyalty in today's competitive landscape of commoditized services. We can help with the challenge to measure customer experience and resulting satisfaction/loyalty along all experience drivers. We have a deep and holistic understanding of break points and cost/benefit ratios and can help optimize customer experience and implement customer-experience optimization programs that link the aspired experience to operational KPIs.
  • Many telecom players have addressed the SMB business segment with strategies that in many cases have yet to be proven successful. In tandem with a client, McKinsey developed an SMB benchmark. It provides insights into areas where there is little information available on what others are doing and how they are performing on go-to-market and management practices.
  • Pricing is a significant lever in enterprise telecom, and pricing transformation efforts are not sustainable unless deeply embedded into the organization. McKinsey developed an integrated tool that creates transparency on pricing at the transaction level to identify improvement opportunities.

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