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Postal, Express & Parcel Services

We help our clients identify and pursue growth opportunities in all relevant market segments, both domestically and abroad.

Postal, express, and parcel services providers are facing rapid changes in the markets from a broad range of industry trends, including e-substitution, e-commerce, globalization, regulation, and innovation. To respond to these trends and convert potential threats into opportunities, our global network of experienced practitioners help clients develop tailored solutions across the industry spectrum, including strategy, operations, marketing and sales, IT and digitalization, advanced analytics, human resources and organization, and finance.

We help our clients capture profit opportunities by taking advantage of the changing market dynamics through the following levers:

  • Revenue/profit pool analysis. Assessment of global opportunities to expand the current business model either geographically or within industry verticals to capture profitable growth, in line with the respective capabilities of our clients.
  • Network optimization. Identification of sustainable cost reductions by optimizing location, routing, and scheduling of networks—while maintaining high quality and service requirements for customers.
  • Operational improvements. Optimization of equipment, processes, and production sites to increase quality and efficiency through higher service offerings.
  • Product innovation. Design, testing, and implementation of new, innovative products, including digital opportunities, as well as modernizing and updating established, profitable products to strengthen core capabilities.
  • Organizational redesign. Alignment of the organizational structure with the overall company strategy to capture international revenue and profit pools and increase flexibility when making decisions in a fast-moving digital environment.
  • Sales approach improvement. Using advanced analytics to help identify and follow up on opportunities for the sales force by leveraging existing data and redesigning incentive systems to align sales efforts with company strategy.

Featured Expert

Florian Neuhaus

Partner, Munich

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf

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