Works with top leaders to design organizational approaches that transform company performance and develop talent as a source of strategic value

About Ana Karina

Ana Karina leads McKinsey’s Organization Practice in Latin America. In this capacity, she seeks to enhance our ability to support top executives when they face organizational challenges and opportunities.

Since joining the firm, Ana Karina has directed a range of crucial organizational initiatives. She has helped refine governance models for better support of strong decision making—particularly for family-owned companies. Ana Karina has directed programs to optimize organizational structure and foster leadership development. Most recently, her work has focused on managing a company’s talent pool as a source of value and helping executives make informed talent decisions.

Ana Karina has advised leading companies across several industries, including the financial-services sector, telecommunications, consumer goods, and retail.

Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • inspiring a focus on talent management culture within the top team of a large industrial company in Brazil’s construction sector
  • designing a more effective organizational structure for a chemical-products conglomerate in Brazil
  • developing a new governance model for the executive committee of a large telecommunications company
  • planning and implementing a leadership academy to develop the top 1,000 leaders of a retail company
  • guiding two programs in parallel to improve the business and family-governance approach for two privately held conglomerates in Brazil
  • restructuring the HR function for a financial institution in Chile as part of a broader organizational-transformation initiative
  • leading a postmerger effort to revise people policies and set a stronger company culture in support of a transformation program for one of the largest financial institutions in the southern hemisphere

Before joining McKinsey, Ana Karina pursued research in her area of graduate study, organic chemistry. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Published work

Fine-tuning family businesses for a new era,” McKinsey & Company, October 2016

Past experience

Head start-up

Brazilian Center of Services and Research in Protein

University of Brazil


University of Brazil
MS, chemistry
MS, organic chemistry
BS, chemistry