One of the developers of McKinsey’s “Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy,” Chris has worked on strategic transformations for organisations across Australia’s retail, mining, transportation, consumer-goods, and telecommunications sectors

About Chris

Chris helps major institutions undergo strategic transformations to navigate large-scale shifts in their environment. He connects high-level conceptual thinking to practical shop-floor improvements. His client experience spans retail, mining, media, apparel, food and beverage, rail, and telecommunications. He developed McKinsey’s “Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy.”

He has deep expertise in retail, covering grocery, discount department stores, specialty apparel, hardware, and consumer electronics. He has driven major strategic repositioning in six retail banners and has extensive experience in commercial execution, from consumer positioning to vendor negotiations, deploying data and analytics to get real results. Outside of retail, Chris has over a decade of experience in mining, helping his clients navigate the resources boom in China. Recently, Chris has also helped a print-media client radically change its business model to adapt to its new environment—and remain a sustainable and healthy company.

Chris is the global leader of the firm’s work in business-unit strategy, where he spearheads the development and modernization of McKinsey’s tools and capabilities for strategy development. His widely read research includes the Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy and the “Strategy Method.” He has conducted workshops with hundreds of strategy teams from around the globe, applying the ten tests to their strategies. Chris is also joint-lead faculty of the strategy program in the McKinsey Academy, an online executive-education initiative launched recently.

Outside his client work, Chris has contributed influential thinking on making Australia’s economy better, including a McKinsey Global Institute study on productivity in Australia and a report with the Business Council of Australia on competitiveness.


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London School of Economics
MSc, economics

University of New South Wales, Sydney
Commerce degree, finance
Science degree, mathematics