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Katy George

Senior Partner, New Jersey
As managing partner of McKinsey's Mid-Atlantic office, provides leadership to global healthcare companies on supply chain, manufacturing, and quality-improvement initiatives

About Katy

Katy serves as the managing partner of the Mid-Atlantic office and is a leader within the Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice. She is also a member of the McKinsey Global Institute Council, which advises on MGI's research on global economic, business, and technology trends.

Katy focuses on helping healthcare companies with manufacturing and quality issues and has also provided assistance on topics related to corporate strategy, commercial effectiveness, and end-to-end supply chain. In all of her work, she instills a focus on capability building to support sustained performance improvement. The Manufacturing service line has developed a comprehensive set of training materials to support client skill building in lean manufacturing, asset productivity and quality. It also has built a global network of "model factories" that support on-site experiential learning and capability building.

Katy leads healthcare-industry quality roundtables and other initiatives to inform and drive improvement in quality practices and outcomes. She has also directed multiclient benchmarking initiatives related to quality and compliance. As a manufacturing leader, Katy has focused on global macroeconomic changes, advanced manufacturing technologies, and how they will reshape manufacturing strategies and opportunities.

Katy coauthored McKinsey’s report “Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation,“ a collaboration with the McKinsey Global Institute. She also coauthored McKinsey’s perspective “Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide.” Katy has spoken at multiple conferences and with clients on advanced manufacturing technology adoption, digital manufacturing management, the role of advanced analytics in manufacturing, and regional manufacturing competitiveness.

After receiving an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, Katy earned a PhD in business economics from Harvard University. Her doctoral work focused on factory management and supply-chain improvements in the assembly industries. Prior to joining McKinsey in 1996, Katy worked as an associate analyst at an economic consulting firm.

Katy works actively with Episcopal Relief & Development, an international relief and development agency.

Published work

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Past Experience

National Economic Research Associates
Associate analyst


Harvard University
PhD, business economics

Oberlin College
BS, economics and government