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Occo Roelofsen

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Brings global experience in the energy sector, with particular expertise in energy transitions, capital-project execution, and performance transformations

About Occo

Occo is the leader of our global Oil & Gas Practice. He works with power and natural-gas clients across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

Examples of his recent client projects include the following:

  • advising on portfolio choices in a rapidly changing energy landscape, including developing global and regional energy scenarios for private companies and governments
  • assessing opportunities for the large-scale use of advanced analytics and digital technologies at several organizations and helping to develop strategies and implement programs to capture value
  • supporting oil and gas clients in developing a decarbonization approach for their existing assets
  • evaluating the performance of large capital projects and helping to identify and capture step-change improvements during execution
  • supporting clients with organizational-design and operational-improvement programs

Occo has also served clients on a wide variety of other issues involving corporate strategy, market outlooks, renewable energy, and new business opportunities.

Published work

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INSEAD, Fontainebleau

Delft University of Technology
MA, system engineering