Leads McKinsey Implementation in Banking and Service Operations in Europe with a deep expertise in start-to-finish digital, branch, and operations transformations

About Remco

Remco is a leader of McKinsey Implementation and Service Operations in Europe. He works closely with clients around the world to deliver sustainable performance improvements through digital transformations, cost transformations, and branch transformations.

Since joining McKinsey in 2003, Remco has served clients on a range of topics in banking and insurance, spanning operations and IT, strategy for retail, private and commercial banking, organizational, and marketing topics. His recent client work involves leading teams on digitization, branch transformation, and operations topics, including:

  • development and deployment of a digitization program for core customer journeys in account servicing, including capability building to implement the program
  • digitization of mortgage servicing for a Northern American bank
  • diagnostic on retail servicing for a digital program at a large UK bank
  • developing and delivering multiple transaction migration programs in retail banks around the world
  • developing a remote mortgage advice model for a Western European bank that tripled sales of mortgages
  • development and execution of a footprint and format optimization program in Western European banks that reduced cost levels up to 30%

Remco brings a variety of experience to McKinsey from his five years in operations at Procter & Gamble, where he held multiple roles within customer operations, distribution, and demand planning.


Eindhoven University, The Netherlands
MSc, Industrial Engineering and Management Science