About Scott

Scott Nyquist is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Houston office and supports clients in our Oil & Gas, Sustainability, and Electric Power & Natural Gas (EPNG) Practices, in addition to being a member of McKinsey’s shareholder’s council, which is the firm’s governing body. He is also on the McKinsey Global Institute Council, which advises on MGI’s research on global economic, business, and technology trends.

During Scott’s 30 years with McKinsey, he has served National Oil companies in Russia, Middle East, India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. He has served three of the top five integrated oil companies and several independent upstream and downstream companies. Scott has helped oil company CEOs define their strategies and operational agendas, build their top teams, and strengthen their organizations’ capabilities. In addition, he has helped his clients develop and implement strategies and transformational programs that have significantly improved their performance.

Scott has published extensively on the challenges and opportunities facing global energy markets and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. In 2013, Scott coauthored two major reports with the McKinsey Global Institute: “Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal,” and “Resource revolution: Tracking global commodity markets.”

Prior to joining McKinsey, Scott received an MBA from Harvard Business School, and worked for Exxon Production Research, where he was involved in offshore oil platform design.

Published work

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Past experience

Exxon Production Research
Offshore oil platform design


Harvard University

University of Michigan
BS, chemical engineering