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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Journey-based customer experience measurement

Measuring individual customer satisfaction metrics like NPS and CSAT is easy. Determining what’s driving those metrics is hard. Most organizations track the performance of individual touchpoints (e.g., website, call center, in-store) but don’t measure customer satisfaction with end-to-end journeys (e.g., opening an account, resolving a problem) that cross multiple touchpoints.

Customer Experience Solutions solves this problem by linking top-line metrics to customer journeys. We help companies improve their most important journeys and address feedback in real-time, transforming the entire customer experience.

Periscope Customer Experience Solutions

Journey Pulse

Benchmark your customer experience against your competitors focusing on customer journeys.

Journey Analytics

Aggregate and analyze operational customer data for key customer journeys.

Journey Measurement

Collect, analyze, and report on customer feedback through end-to-end journeys.

Customer Experience Solutions by the numbers


revenue growth


reduction in churn


uplift in customer conversion



Customer Experience Solutions overview

Customer Experience Solutions helps companies benchmark and measure customer satisfaction by journey. In this video, Solution General Manager Victoria Bough discusses how Customer Experience Solutions links top-line metrics to customer journeys to transform the entire customer experience.

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Periscope Suite

Marketing & Sales


The Periscope Suite includes seven solutions that help businesses optimize all facets of their sales and marketing function, from understanding the landscape to managing categories of products to serving customers.