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Analytical insights across the energy value chain

Energy Insights is a global leader in energy intelligence and analytics. Leveraging data and technology, our world-class team of data scientists and analysts enable organizations across the entire energy value chain to make well-informed strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. We turn data into action to help organizations capture opportunities, manage risk, and improve performance.

Our Offerings

Market Intelligence

Power your business with our advanced tools and analytics.

Performance Benchmarking

Bridge the gap to the top quartile and achieve your true value potential.


Refinery Monitoring

By applying advanced analytics to high-resolution, near-real-time satellite images, we can monitor refineries’ operations and predict maintenance and shutdown needs at key units, up to six weeks in advance.

The decoupling of GDP and energy growth: A CEO guide

Energy intensity is decreasing, renewables are gaining, and new efficiencies are on the way. Here’s how to build the resilience you need to navigate rapid change.

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