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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Maximize marketing impact by making data driven decisions around strategic branding, optimizing marketing spend, and personalizing consumer messages

To answer their most pressing marketing questions, CMOs need a way to extract meaningful insights derived from data to make the right branding decisions, truly understand the efficiency of their marketing initiatives to improve spending, and understand individual behaviors and shopping patterns to create personalized engagements.

Marketing Solutions solves this problem by helping marketers personalize their marketing initiatives, optimize brand positioning, and make data-driven decisions based on ROI projections. We survey consumers and analyze internal sales and marketing spend data to provide transparency into significant topline growth opportunities and marketing budget savings.

Periscope Marketing Solutions

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Gain an in-depth understanding of the customer decision journey and gather insights on brand performance and perception both in the wider market and specific segments

Marketing Performance

Simulate and optimize marketing-spend allocation across brands, geographies, and marketing instruments to maximize Marketing ROI

Personalized Marketing

Rapidly form a single view of an individual profile, customize their scoring model, deploy multichannel feedback, and determine optimal buying occasions to offer a fully customized customer experience

Marketing Solutions by the numbers


topline growth by improving decision-making around marketing strategy & branding


marketing spend reduction by optimizing marketing activities


revenue uplift with personalized customer recommendations



Marketing Solutions overview

Marketing Solutions helps companies maximize the impact of their marketing spend. In this video, VP & Solution General Manager Lars Fiedler discusses how Marketing Solutions empowers marketing leaders to drive growth through personalization, brand positioning, and data-driven decision-making.

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Periscope Suite

Marketing & Sales


The Periscope Suite includes seven solutions that help businesses optimize all facets of their sales and marketing function, from understanding the landscape to managing categories of products to serving customers.