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Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions

Create a single source of truth to improve commercial performance

Creating granular transparency and identifying areas of underperformance are crucial for companies seeking to improve margins and create impact.

Top-performing consumer goods, B2B, and financial services companies analyze their commercial performance to identify high-potential opportunities as well as leakage affecting top-line revenue.

However, a company’s data is rarely ready for analysis and it’s a challenge to control profitability for every transaction.

Performance Solutions solves this problem by integrating data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth that helps leaders identify commercial improvement opportunities at the account- and product-level.

We benchmark transaction-specific data about terms, margins, and other commercial metrics, and automate analysis routines so commercial managers can systematically pinpoint inefficiencies and potential improvements.

Periscope Performance Solutions

Data Vision

Seamlessly merges internal and external data, and leverages best-in-class visualization tools and proprietary analyses to drive transparency and data-driven decisions.

Performance Vision

Combines BI and reporting with advanced decision support tools, including automated opportunity generation and real-time impact tracking, to supercharge the commercial process.

Performance Solutions by the numbers


boost in sales analysis productivity


sustainable gain in RoS


basis point increase in margins



Performance Solutions overview

Performance Solutions helps companies optimize profitability across segments including products, regions, channels, and customers. In this video, Solution Manager Phil Hudelson discusses how Performance Solutions integrates a company’s data sources into a single source of truth, allowing them to convert areas of leakage into opportunities to increase profitability.

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Periscope Suite

Marketing & Sales


The Periscope Suite includes seven solutions that help businesses optimize all facets of their sales and marketing function, from understanding the landscape to managing categories of products to serving customers.