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Sales Solutions

Sales Solutions

Maximize salesforce effectiveness by increasing customer conversions, selling more to the install base, preventing churn, and optimizing coverage

Companies have long struggled to objectively assess their team’s capabilities, analyze the productivity of their reps, and identify areas in which they are falling behind. As a result, sales managers end up taking a manual approach to assigning reps, and often forgo capability building altogether.

Sales Solutions solves this problem by offering proprietary benchmarking and analytics to help measure performance on both an institution and individual level. We help companies achieve breakthrough sales productivity by optimizing their planning, coverage strategy, go-to-market model, front-line talent, and institutional capabilities.

Periscope Sales Solutions

Sales Navigator

Benchmark return-on-sales cost and performance drivers against peers across business units, regions, and channels


Identify the commercial capability-building actions that lead to sustainable competitive advantage

Sales DNA

Build a talent profile and improve the effectiveness of front-line sellers

Rep Planner

Translate coverage strategies into field-ready plans to boost productivity and operational efficiency

Sales Advisor

Leverage advanced analytics methods to scan leads or existing accounts for value creation opportunities, and deliver insights to your sales team when they need them most

Dealer Sales DNA

Driving auto-dealer profitability through talent excellence

Sales Solutions by the numbers


return on sales


percentage points excess profitability


percentage points excess total shareholder return

Want to learn more about how Sales Solutions can help your organization?

Periscope Suite

Marketing & Sales


The Periscope Suite includes seven solutions that help businesses optimize all facets of their sales and marketing function, from understanding the landscape to managing categories of products to serving customers.