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We help telecom clients improve and simplify their end-to-end operations while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

We provide our telecom clients with unique expertise, diagnostics, and models that help deliver on their customer value proposition as well as identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency. We provide direct support to client-process teams to enhance and deepen the capabilities that will deliver sustainable, significant value for their own organizations, their business partners, and their customers.

A significant portion of our operations work for telecom operators entails improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations or customer-care and sales operations, and improving capability building in, for example, the procurement or business-support function. We also help clients in improving product-development and innovation processes and reducing overall operating expenses. Teams working with telecom clients build capabilities in client organizations to achieve sustained and substantial business impact.

Examples of our work

  • improve field-service operations by, for example, applying lean principles and dynamic dispatching
  • increase efficiency and effectiveness of customer-care and sales operations, including store operations
  • reduce opex by applying a holistic approach to cost baselining and to initiatives prioritization and design
  • build capabilities in the procurement function to enable clients to realize cost savings across various categories


Our Telecom Operations group includes many professionals who have joined McKinsey from telecommunications companies and bring direct, in-depth knowledge of management processes, operations systems, and telecom services to our clients.

Featured capabilities

  • McKinsey's ongoing investment in operations research includes diagnostics and proprietary benchmarks for telecom-network operations, customer-care (call-center) operations, overhead spending and operations, and end-to-end customer experience.
  • ONE Navigator is a proprietary online tool used to benchmark telecom-network expenditures as well as the client's performance against other companies in our extensive benchmark database.
  • Our continuous improvement transformation (CIT) approach improves customer service and increases sales and productivity. It shows how to create and manage a performance transformation through employee engagement. We have applied CIT successfully in the telecom industry. The approach includes easy-to-implement toolboxes for different functions, a broad base of practitioners skilled at building capabilities at scale, and various "go and see" situations.
  • McKinsey Model Factories and other experiential learning centers provide real-time, hands-on training to build the lean skills and capabilities of the organization in a simulated production or business-unit environment (for example, a shop floor or call center).

Additional details about our operations capabilities

For more details about our expertise in this area, please visit the Operations Practice section.

Featured expert

Tomás Calleja Mediano

Senior Partner, Madrid

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